Meeting of volunteers

On February 16, our University was a meeting of the volunteers. He opened the meeting vice-rector for public relations and educational work of Marina V. Lalabekova. In his opening remarks, she thanked the volunteers for their active participation in cultural and social life of the University.

During the event, the head of the Volunteer Center Rnrmu Vladislav S. Belyakov, curator of the movement “volunteers-doctors” in our University Olesya Safonova and curators, volunteers’ Sheredar “charitable fund and Hospice” Faith “presented their programs and projects in Moscow and regions. Anastasia and Ekaterina Delidon Pospelov, curators, volunteers foundation “Sheredar”, which conducts rehabilitation programs for children who underwent cancer, talked about how to pass a change in their children’s health-rehabilitation center. They also invited all comers to join their new project in collaboration with our hospital, aimed at helping young patients of the hospital.
Curator-volunteer Hospice Fund “Vera” Maria Timofeev told the participants of the meeting about palliative care and to acquaint them with the work of the Fund.
The participants were asked projecting a lot of questions, and some decided to join immediately liked the project.
Out of the evening tea party and awarding volunteers involved in the organization of the concert dedicated to the 110th anniversary of Rnrmu NI Pirogov.