Pediatric Faculty

Pediatric faculty of the Pirogov Medical University was founded in 1930 and was the first such faculty in the world!

Though 38 faculties of various universities in Russia provide educational programs on pediatric today, Pediatric faculty of our University is in the lead. The estimable successors of great pediatrician teachers – wonderful people, world-renowned scientists, excellent doctors and brilliant organizers – work here.

Students study medicine at 54 university departments for 6 years. They study pediatrics at specific departments (preliminary study of children’s diseases, faculty pediatrics, hospital pediatrics, children’s infectious diseases, children’s surgical diseases, etc.), as well as at the departments where they study diagnosis, treatment and prevention of certain diseases among adults, since a 14-15 years old child is an almost formed organism.

Along with clinical subjects, students study fundamental natural science, biomedical and medical preventive disciplines. This approach helps to qualify highly skilled specialists in more than 100 medical specialties.

Among theory, students have to do an internship. During the internship future pediatricians master their skills at point of care in different medical centers. Special focus is on prevention of diseases and on upbringing of a healthy child.