Dentists’ Faculty

Dentistry is taught in the University since 1922. The University developed one of the leading scientific school in Russia, founded by professor Gilaria-Izdislav Vilga.

In 2008 a separate faculty was separated from the University structure. Nowadays the dentistry study program is intramural and lasts 5 years.

On the second year of study students begin practicing in phantom classes, simulating real-life dentist’s workplace, to apply their knowledge and skills. Pirogov RNRMU provides each student with modern equipment, phantom table, phantom head, dental handpieces, lights, dental foot pedal, dental curing lights, all instruments and consumables.

In senior courses students receive patients under the guidance of professors in Moscow clinics. Undergraduates have an opportunity to attend workshops and international dental exhibitions learning from the experience of the International dental community in the field of medical education based on the achievements of modern science and technology.

Graduates can apply to dental residency programs: “conservative dentistry”, “dental surgery”, “odental orthopedics”, “pediatric dentistry”, “oral and maxillofacial surgery”, “orthodontics”.