RNRMU library is university’s peer. First note in the registration book is dated September 6, 1906. In the beginning private individuals’ collection of books, who were doctors and scientists P.N.Bokov, N.М.Sechenov and others, formed the library literary assets of the medical faculty of the higher course for women.

At present, the library collections amount to more than 750 thousand units of storage. The library provides students of all levels of education with the necessary literature; all students have access to the electronic library system, Russian and foreign scientific journals and databases (Scopus, Web of Sci, etc.)

The reading room is equipped with comfortable work places and free Internet access.

The modern building of the library was built in 1980 and is decorated with the largest mosaic panel in Europe, created by the sketches of artists Leonid Polishchuk and Svetlana Shcherbinina.