Faculty of Biomedicine

The first ever Faculty of Biomedicine was founded in 1963 in our University.

Students and professors of the faculty faced new challenges for human health, caused by expansion of humans (space flights, underwater expeditions, etc.), new viral and bacterial diseases, new chemical species and materials, which forced a new approach to issues of biosafety, diagnosis and treatment of humans. As a result, new departments were founded (the department of immunology, the department of medical nanobiotechnologies, the department of medical cybernetics and information technologies and many others) and new fundamental subjects were added to curriculum: experimental and theoretical physics (electrodynamics, optics, atomic physics, medical electronics), experimental and theoretical chemistry (inorganic and organic chemistry, colloid and physical chemistry), higher mathematics, probability theory. Today the Faculty provides educational programs of bachelor degree (“Biology, biomedical profile”), specialist degree (“Pharmacy”, “Medical Biochemistry”, “Medical Biophysics” and “Medical Cybernetics”) and master degree (“Bioinformatics”). Variety of medical and biological subjects are taught with the involvement of modern achievements of chemical and physical biology, mathematics and medicine.

Graduates of the Faculty of Medical Biology have innumerable opportunities to apply their skills and knowledge. The best graduates become directors of research institutes, deans of faculties, heads of departments and laboratories both in Russia and abroad.

The faculty grows rapidly nowadays. We are sure that the Faculty will have new great success in biomedical education and science for the benefit of human health.