Faculty of General Medicine


Faculty of General Medicine of the the Pirogov Medical University – the oldest and the largest at the University.

This is the most popular faculty among applicants every year. After 6 years of education graduates get a medical degree on “General medicine” speciality.

In the first courses students study basic subjects necessary for future practice: biology, physics, chemistry, anatomy, histology, as well as Latin and foreign languages (English, French, German), philosophy, economic theory, physical education, etc.

The most difficult of the first courses is the third one, when they study basic branches of sciences, such as pathological anatomy, pathological physiology, pharmacology, general surgery, preliminary study of internal diseases and many other difficult clinical and preclinical disciplines. Summer exams in the third course are considered to be the most difficult.

Clinical thinking, expertise and professional skills are established in senior courses, when students start practicing in hospitals and learn more about medical staff duties. Faculty of General Medicine take an active part in education of residence providing theory and practical knowledge in more than 50 medical specialties.