Faculty of advanced medical studies (FAMS)

Faculty of advanced medical studies (FAMS) of RSMU was opened in 1977. It was the first in the USSR and in RSFSR faculty of advanced medical studies at the Medical University.

During the years of the faculty existence over 140 thousand specialists of various specializations from Moscow, Moscow region, Soviet Union and Russian Federation cities, towns and regions, CIS states studied within the postgraduate education program. The course of studies is carried out at 54 clinical bases located in medical establishments for general health in Moscow, Tula, Medical and Federal subordination preventive treatment facilities, RAMS, Ministry of health treatment and social development research institutes of the Russian Federation.  Currently, advanced studies on 43 medical majors within 197 program courses on subject and general advanced studies are carried out. The faculty counts more than 200 university employees, 80% of which have Doctors’ degree and degree of an associate professor.