International Faculty

The project is based on the EU concept double degree diploma education (Double Degree Curriculum Act,EU Reg Code # JX54007, 2005) and is unprecedented in the practice of the higher medical education in Russian Federation.

The purpose of the project of the International Medical School is to create a mechanism of access to standards and innovations of European medical education, rapid assessment of these data and, if necessary, their integration into the system of Russian education in the shortest possible time.

This is currently carried out by comparing the educational programs of N.I. Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University and the University of Milan (credits, hours, load on students and teachers).

It is planned to prepare the faculty of the RNRMU on the basis of the chairs of the University of Milan with the purpose of acquaintance with the educational process and methods of knowledge control.

Implementation of training programs in the framework of the international Medical School is planned to start from the 1st year.

Intermediate exams for students will be held in RNRMU and at the University of Milan. Form of passing the exams – is to be agreed by the parties. The assessment of students’ performance of the University of Milan’s program will be carried out by representatives of the University of Milan, and of the RNRMU programe – by professors of RNRMU. Step-by-step successful implementation of both programs and the successful completion of the course exams will allow students to have the opportunity to take exams in order to receive both medical diploma of the Russian Federation and the diploma of higher medical education of the European Union at the end of 6th academic year.

Within the project’s framework it is planned to prepare a detailed agreement on cooperation between the two universities.

International Medical School is open to new strategic partnerships and actively pursues international activities at all levels. The international activities of RNRMU are broad and varied.

Possible areas for cooperation include, but are not limited to: 

  • Double degrees (medical care, pharmacology, clinical psychology, biomedical specialties)
  • Student and PhD student exchange
  • Abroad summer internships
  • Research collaboration

For questions and suggestions please contact admission department!